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Community Mobilization For Environmental Problems

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Despite the wealth of information describing social movement activity, studies that focus attention on the intricacies of community relationships within the mobilization process are few. Attention is given in this context to the community struggle to determine parameters of health and safety in the face of environmental contamination. This focused effort draws on detailed analysis of community relationships with the media, science, government and community members themselves. Over the course of five years, the author, sociologist Erin Robinson, has uncovered the ways in which community members come to understand the environmental problems they face. This book offers an explanation for how communities faced with environmental contamination can begin to make sense of that reality. The story of this community serves as a case study for how complex efforts to understand a problem facing one's community can be. In this study, the complications of social movement mobilization are analyzed from a perspective that considers the nuances of the mobilization process. In doing so, this study offers a perspective to community mobilization that reflects on processes of negotiation, conflict, acceptance, and rejection of information frames that serve to explain a community environmental problem. This book both demonstrates the ways in which individuals engage in the mobilization process and serves to explain how mobilization occurs. Through a detailed qualitative analysis of in depth interviews, document analysis, and field research, Robinson traces the beginning of a community social movement throughout the life of the movement effort. Whereas many studies of mobilization are historical, this study offers a close analysis of mobilization efforts as they were occurring. The story of how changes in mobilization occur is demonstrated by how individuals gain information from different sources and frame the issues leading to mobilization activities. Overall the book not only contributes to an understanding of why community mobilization occurs, but helps explain that as well. This is an important read for students, researchers, and community groups alike. This book provides sociological context to environmental problems that would be useful in courses and library collections in sociology, social movements, community and environmental studies.

Introduction To Environmental Engineering

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Introduction to Environmental Engineering, 5/e contains the fundamental science and engineering principles needed for introductory courses and used as the basis for more advanced courses in environmental engineering.

Updated with latest EPA regulations, Davis and Cornwell apply the concepts of sustainability and materials and energy balance as a means of understanding and solving environmental engineering issues. With over 720 end-of-chapter problems, as well as provocative discussion questions, and a helpful list of review items found at the end of each chapter, the text is both a comprehensible and comprehensive tool for any environmental engineering course.

Standards and Laws are the most current and up-to-date for an environmental engineering text.

Visual Culture In The Built Environment

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Students who are preparing to become interior designers in our global economy must learn how to solve problems from an integrated and holistic perspective. To help prepare students for the global interior design profession Global Interior Environments: Mid-1800s to the Present offers an integrated survey of global interior environments written to explain significant design styles and movements. In addition to knowing the characteristics and designers of a particular style or movement, students will be engaged in understanding why and how an interior environment develops. Covering various interior environments, including Africa, Central/North Asia, East Asia, Europe, Mexico/Central America, North America, South America, South/Southeast Asia, and Oceania, this book will aid students in retaining information, fostering critical thinking skills, and developing an understanding of how to apply the results of historical research in practice. Features: -- Organizational structure provided by the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Timeline of Art History -- Key Concept inset boxes will reflect contemporary practice of the chapter's era -- Chapters include objectives, a timeline in table format, a summary, key terms, and exercises -- Appendix with complete timeline of chapter timelines, glossary and bibliography -- Instructor's Guide that includes a wide range of activities and assignments for teaching -- PowerPoint(r) Presentation provides outlines and ideas for lectures; compatible with PC and Mac platforms

Helping Yourself With Magickal Oils A-z

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Easy to follow step-by-step instructions for more than 1500 spells, recipes and rituals for love, money, luck, protection and much more!

Contesting Environmental Imaginaries

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Counter Nature/s: Shifting Environmental Imaginaries in a Time of Global Change foregrounds a question central to humanistic environmental studies: How is nature to be perceived and understood in a time of global environmental crisis? A challenge was issued to imagine counter natures, past or present, casting nature as a normative concept into productive relief. One ambition was to highlight shifting perspectives on nature and the environment that may help account for the rise of the environmental humanities; another was to invite challenges to orthodoxies, including those that animate this burgeoning field. Contributions emerged from the study areas of Environmental History, Ecocriticism, Cultural Studies, American Studies, Caribbean Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Media Studies, and the History of Ideas. This volume draws together the fruits of this thought experiment.


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