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Contesting Environmental Imaginaries

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Counter Nature/s: Shifting Environmental Imaginaries in a Time of Global Change foregrounds a question central to humanistic environmental studies: How is nature to be perceived and understood in a time of global environmental crisis? A challenge was issued to imagine counter natures, past or present, casting nature as a normative concept into productive relief. One ambition was to highlight shifting perspectives on nature and the environment that may help account for the rise of the environmental humanities; another was to invite challenges to orthodoxies, including those that animate this burgeoning field. Contributions emerged from the study areas of Environmental History, Ecocriticism, Cultural Studies, American Studies, Caribbean Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Media Studies, and the History of Ideas. This volume draws together the fruits of this thought experiment.

Learning In A Changing Environment

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The theme of "Learning in a Changing Environment" reflects the way in which educational thinking in Higher Education has undergone a rapid change throughout the world. The EDINEB network consists of people who see the role of educationalists as providing a framework for learning rather than taking a traditional approach of "chalk and talk". The key to the success of this fourth conference (and these articles selected from it) lies in the supportive role delegates give to each other in sharing experiences (and problems!) in a changing environment. The network has grown because ofthe commitment of members to form what is in effect a multinational self-help group which is dedicated to continual improvement in the educational environment. This fourth EDINEB conference brought together 95 registrations from over 21 countries. The 16 papers selected represent a cross-section of the articles submitted to the authors and the book is divided into four sections. 1 LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND PROGRAMME STRUCTURES The first section examines how different programmes (in different of countries and cultures) have been structured to meet the particular needs both the participants/students and the economic environment within which they operate.

Software Adaptation In An Open Environment

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The book is about a very active research field in software engineering. In modern society, the fact of the world's high reliance on software requires the system's robustness, i.e., continual availability and satisfactory service quality. This requirement gives rise to the popularity of the research on the self-adaptive software in open environment. There are some academic conferences dedicated to this field. But there is a lack of monographs about the topic. We believe such need is unmet in marketplace. By publishing the book, it can help bridge the gap and bring benefits to readers thereof. Key Features:

  • The topic is well-motivated, interesting and actively studied worldwide
  • The research represents as the state-of-the-art in the field
  • The technical part of the book is rigidly evaluated
  • The theoretical part of the book is sound and proved
  • The organization and presentation of the book will be double-checked by professional scholars

Help! I'm Living With Terminal Illness

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Achieving Peace, Equality And A Healthy Environment

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Will there always be war, crime, inequality and poverty? How can I eliminate the chaos in my life? What is the meaning of life? How can I create positive change? Some of the answers to such questions can be found in International Men's Day. This book will introduce you to International Men's Day and reveal the relevance and importance of your life to humanity. Furthermore, themes such as gender relations, family relationships, health, environmental protection, violence and racism are explored. Despite reading self-help books, attending motivational seminars and taking medication you might be feeling disillusioned. Maybe there is a feeling of emptiness that cannot be adequately filled or overcome. What could be the solutions? This book presents ideas and suggestions for a more productive and peaceful life. Yes, we can cross barriers, reduce the friction and solve conflicts in our world. This is a movement to reshape our perspectives, enrich lives and emphasize the interconnectedness of society. Indeed, this message is essential for our progress, personal growth, empowerment and enlightenment. It will appeal to those persons who are eager to contribute to a global campaign that is peaceful and embraces everyone.


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