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500 Ways To Be A Better Saltwater Fishkeeper

RRP $49.95

Essential, practical tips from professional fish keeping experts.

500 Ways to Be a Better Saltwater Fish Keeper is a comprehensive references of practical advice from seasoned experts.

The 500 tips are presented in logical sections for quick and easy navigation to professional advice for :

  • Choosing and buying fish
  • Setting up an effective aquarium system
  • Filtration and water quality
  • Lighting
  • Feeding
  • Routine aquarium maintenance
  • Breeding.
Each book is packed with information in easy-to-access segments. Some of the frequently asked questions addressed are :
  • Why are some tropical fish cheap and others expensive?
  • How to deal with fish that appear shy and nervous
  • How to identify breeding pairs
  • How to use microscopic organisms to feed fry
  • What are the ideal species for beginning fish keepers?
There is also a sister volume : 500 Ways to Be a Better Freshwater Fish Keeper. With detailed step-by-step instructions and colour photographs and graphics, the 500 Ways to be a Better Fish Keeper books are the perfect go-to guides for information and counsel to solve a problem quickly.

Fishing - A Step-by-step Guide To Freshwater Fishing

RRP $16.99

Fishing - A Step-By-Step Guide to Freshwater Fishing

Do you want to go out fishing? Does freshwater fishing make you excited? Do you lack the information to get started, but would enjoy this interesting activity? If the answer of all these questions is 'Yes,' then you are at the right place. This book is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for a step-by-step guide to get started with fishing.Fishing is indeed an amazing activity. Not only do you get a variety of fish to relish, it is a wonderful experience altogether. If you have only recently discovered this as your hobby, do not worry because this book holds all the information you require to get started with fishing. This book covers in detail the following:

1. Description of freshwater fishing and how it is better than other types of fishing, especially for beginners

2. Details about all the necessary equipment and tools you should load before you set out for fishing

3. The different types of knots, their role in fishing, and the way to set it up

4. A detailed description of fishing using a live bait

5. The long list of fishing techniques in freshwater

6. Tips and tricks that will make your experience more successful and enjoyable

7. FAQ

Grab Your Copy and Get started now!

Freshwater Fishes Of New York

RRP $15.95

New York's anglers and naturalists will enjoy this handy field guide to help them identify 65 species offreshwater fish. Whether brook trout in the Adirondacks or striped bass on the East Coast, or any number of colorful sunfishes from ponds and creeks in between, this guide describes any species likely to be caught by hook-and-line.The noted diagnostic characters and beautiful color illustrations will prove an indispensable aid for identification. Included are notes on preferred habitat and favorite baits for landing each species. This 12-panel guide conveniently folds up in to a packet narrow enough to fit in a back pocket, glovebox, or tackle box yet sturdy enough to stand up under repeated use durable lamination also makes it waterproof.

Freshwater Access From A Human Rights Perspective

RRP $315.99

Insufficient access to a basic water supply is not an unavoidable consequence of water scarcity. In fact, arid countries possess enough resources to fulfil the basic water needs of their populations and there are people in water rich countries suffering from water stress, too. Thus, insufficient freshwater access mainly can be seen as a problem of allocation and mismanagement. This book comprehensively analyses the appropriateness of a human rights-based approach in safeguarding basic water supplies and determines its legal basis in international law. Arriving at the conclusion that international water law does not adequately consider individual water needs, the study identifies applicable human rights and examines the concrete standard of protection they provide. In view of the deficits of current international water and human rights law, the study discusses concepts deemed to strengthen a human rights-based approach to freshwater access by considering both their formal legal appropriateness as well as their suitability in legal reality.

Steward Of Headwaters

RRP $231.99

Includes full color maps and photographs. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, is one of fortyone districts in the Corps' organization. As the northernmost district in the Mississippi Valley Division, it centers on the headwaters of the Mississippi River and the uppermost section of the river's nine-foot navigation channel. The St. Paul District oversees civil works projects and conducts disaster relief within the geographic boundaries of the district, implements the Corps' regulatory program in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin and assists with other Corps' missions wherever needed. The following history updates the book Creativity, Conflict & Controversy: A History of the St. Paul District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, published in 1979.1 This book describes how the St. Paul District responded to enormous changes in the Corps' missions and organization in the last quarter of the twentieth century.


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