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The Human Right To Water

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This book summarizes the history of the human right to water, and it examines the main content and the obligations that derive from this human right. The main purpose of the recognition of the human right to water is to guarantee that everyone has access to sufficient, safe, and affordable drinking water to satisfy personal and domestic uses. The book discusses whether the human right to water is recognized as a derivative right or as an independent right at three levels - the universal, regional, and domestic levels - where human rights are recognized and enforced. At the domestic level a case study approach has been used with focus on Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Colombia. Freshwater resources are not static; they are constantly flowing and crossing international boundaries. This situation and the relative scarcity of water resources have a direct impact on a state's capacity to realize the human right to water. The human right to water is examined in a transboundary water context, where the use and management of an international watercourse in one riparian state can directly or indirectly affect the human right to water in another riparian state. For this reason, the book analyzes whether the core principles of international water law can be used to contribute to the realization of the extraterritorial application of the right to water. [Subject: Human Rights Law, International Law, Water Law, Comparative Law]

Water Resource Management

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According to available estimates, only .3% of the total fresh water is usable for the world's entire human and animal populations. Some experts have observed that in the near future, the earth will face severe scarcity of water, resulting in an insufficient amount of water to sustain our ever increasing future needs. Others believe that such pessimistic estimates are unwarranted.

Due to conflicting opinions and data-interpretations, the future levels of scarcity are difficult to accurately forecast. One fact, however, is above controversy: water resources are not evenly distributed. The world's 38 poorest countries are located near areas that lack ample water supplies. Even some areas, which seem to possess sufficient supplies, suffer zonal or regional shortages. In recent years there has been an increasing realization not only of the importance of water as a key factor for sustainable development, but also the impending strategies for water in the near future. The chapters in this collection examine this critical resource and the policies being pursued to meet the challenge of decreasing access to usable water by selected countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. A major study for students, researchers, and policymakers involved with environmental and development issues.


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Freshwater is a hilarious book of poetry. Each poem is set in the imaginary town of Freshwater in nineteenth century America. The characters are fuelled with energy and humour and once you have finished the book you will want to go back for more.

I'm A Freshman

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Water Words

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Water Words is a collection of poetry by Holly Michaels, personally selected by the author. The poems cover a variety of themes, including religion and love, and have been well-received in the poetic circles in which the author posts her work. Holly enjoys writing free-style and brevity poems, but also enjoys trying new styles as well. It is her hope that this book will inspire others to write poetry, as well.


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